Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

After watching the first Paranormal Activity it freaked my wife out so much I think it made me like the movie even more! This movie reinvented the genius horror movie that never shows anything. Too many gory, ridiculous, cliche horror movies continue to come out each year that just strive for shock value. How much blood can we cause to spew out of this guys decapitated head? Paranormal Activity reset the genre again as what it should be, a movie you can't look away from no matter how bad you want to and one that causes goosebumps- not nausea.
I loved the first one. Skipped the second one after nothing but horrible reviews. Then the 3rd one came out. Anyone that just saw the Bloody Mary scene in the preview could tell this would return to the successful formula of the first one. Don't show anything, just imply. Well, they succeeded. This was more terrifying than the first. In fact it has been 2 weeks since I saw the movie because I was still freaked out! The story is a prequel to the first one and explains how the girl in the first one first met her haunted stalker- the demon that has followed her her entire life. The movie did it's job, it freaked me out!
Keeping this review spoiler free so you can enjoy the terrifying experience yourself is always a challenge, so suffice to say, the end did lack clarity. It seemed like they decided they would try to explain some of what this whole "thing" is. Unfortunately by choosing a first person story telling behind the creative boyfriends camera, the director could not effectively explain what he was clearly going for.
While the end was slightly underdeveloped and disappointing, the movie was great! Anyone who enjoys scary movies, not blood and guts but goosebumps, will love this!
See it in the theater, see it at home with the lights out and the surround sound in full effect, grab a bag of Twizzlers, and enjoy the experience!