Thursday, April 19, 2012


Lockout opened last week as a much needed "guy" movie made its way into the summer run-ups! Most movies coming out in April have been comedies, romance movies, dramas, and documentaries. 7 out of the top 10 movies in theaters right now are comedies.

Lockout has an interesting premise- something unique. A maximum security prison in space. What more do you need for an awesome action flick? Guy Pierce plays CIA Agent Snow who is set up for conspiracy against the US government as a traitor. He is sentenced quickly to 30 years in the maximum security prison floating in orbit above the Earth. Meanwhile the daughter of the U.S. President heads to the prison to do a humanitarian check on the prisoners who are kept in suspended animation (frozen) during their sentence. She is there to inspect the prisoners for mental issues or illness arising from being in suspended animation for extended periods of time, when her luck runs out and the prisoners unthaw and break free, taking over the prison.

Of course this story has been done before- prison break, prisoners take daughter of someone important hostage, kills other hostages leading up to the dramatic rescue of that one woman. The difference this time is that THIS IS IN SPACE!! Adding a whole new element of danger and consequences.

Guy Pierce is a pretty convincing tough guy. This seems to be his first blow em up, kick butt movie. He has been brilliant in many dramas and independent films, but never the action star. Clearly he is an accomplished actor, but this proves he can also not act and just be tough. Maggie Grace (Lost) plays the President's daughter, Emilie. She was also surprisingly good. She was the annoying girl in Lost who had that brother when they first landed on the island- she ended up dying pretty quick as did her brother. This was a much better performance and she too was able to keep up with the action and be a little believable. There is one scene when she picks up a machine gun and starts going to work on the prisoners. Just as the audience starts thinking, "Ugh- mistake, how does this prissy girl know how to use a machine gun", Guy Pierce makes a comment in an almost self-depricating way towards the film- "Thought you were a democrat!"

Overall a pretty good movie. Very entertaining and while nothing to put on an Oscar list, it was a much needed action filler before the summer blockbusters! This was very enjoyable if you are looking for a good story, intense action, and lots of dead bodies and explosions- you will want to see this. Great movie- fun to see on a big screen but not really necessary. Definitely check it out for a Friday night movie night though.

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