Halloween Movies

As a supplement this month, this page will highlight some of the best and worst Halloween movies to check out or skip this month!

Paranormal Activity 2- The first Paranormal was like the Blair Witch; original, exciting, and eerily real. The second Paranormal was unfortunately like the 2nd Blair Witch.  It took was made the first one scary- the psychological thrill away and showed too much making it predictable and while scary in theaters, not a long lasting mind trip that has you sleeping with the lights on.  While technically a prequel, this tied in beautifully at the end to the first one and explains a lot of the 3rd one.  I saw the 3rd one first and had no idea what was going on.  This is easily a missable film- no real reason to see it, but if you have seen the other 2, there should be some level of enjoyment in seeing this one as just another piece of the story.  Look for it for free, its definitely not worth a rental!

Poltergeist- This is a classic movie!  For those of you who saw it when it was still a new movie, nothing is scarier than, "They're here!".  However beware, this seems like a movie with a budget under $150 by today's standards.  There are still some moments that terrify but other moments just seem corny based on the graphics. I love this movie because I transport myself back to that time period and think of how scary it would be for those moviegoers.  Some people may shoot me for this, but this film is far overdue for a remake.  Giving it an updated film could not only convince young people that static on tv is scary, but that it also once existed!  If you are a film fanatic  love scary movies, and have not seen this movie, its totally worth $5 to check it out.

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