Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Is 40

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann return a few years later to chronicle the troubles and obstacles of turning 40.  While not an official sequel to Knocked Up, it does follow these two characters from the original movie and their daughters.

As Debbie (Leslie Mann) is about to turn 40, she struggles with the milestone and what it means to her and her relationship with her husband.  What is great about this movie is it speaks the truth.  Pretty much every woman goes through this, and generally every guy acts like this.  That's what makes this movie so funny.  You see yourself either now or headed down that road in these characters.

While the movie is a little long for a traditional comedy, it was hilarious.  I was skeptical going into the movie.  While the previews looked good, I wasn't sold on the angle.  But almost immediately the movie won me over.  Jason Segel was a great addition as the yoga teacher that is sexually enlightened.

Classic Judd Apatow movie.  Real characters, real life situations, and real funny.  I definitely recommend seeing this movie.  I give it 4 stars- definitely a great date night movie.

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