Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something Borrowed

Getting suckered into chick flicks always sets the expectations a little low, especially when there is not a lot of apparant comedy in the trailers, but this movie was really good.
Ginnifer Goodwin plays perfectly (once again) the quiet, hopelessly romantic girl getting screwed over. It reminded me a lot of her role in He's Just Not That Into You. I really liked Kate Hudson in this movie. She played her role as the frenemy very well and although I did not read the book, my wife said she played the part perfectly. John Krasinski was the part I really liked in the movie. He added the aspect that allows guys to see this and enjoy it and not just roll your eyes. John's character was funny in the serious and sarcastic way that we would all be if our friend was in this position- supportive at first, but then tired of all the drama.
The movie is basically about a two best friends (Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson) who have grown up together. Ginnifer is the quiet one and allows herself to be railroaded by Kate Hudson. Ginnifer falls for this guy in law school but does not act on her feelings allowing Kate to come in and "steal" him away. Now Kate and the law guy are engaged and it finally comes out that not only does Ginnifer have feelings for this guy, but he has feelings for her too. The two get involved in an affair behind Kate Hudsons back.
The story was framed the way most romantic comedies are with lots of indecisions, one grand point of contession, and then redemption. This one has a few little twists that kept it interesting and like I said John Krasinski's humor lightened the mood.
Overall a pretty good film. I give it a 3 and say girls that read the book will probably be dying to see it in theaters, otherwise a nice rental for a Friday Night Movie Night.

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