Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

With only a ten year gap between the Raimi/Maguire Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man seemed like a redundant mistake by Sony Pictures. Retelling an origin story that most people have already seen is risky. I went into the movie with low expectations. I expected to be bored by the retelling of a story I had already seen more than a dozen times. However the Amazing Spider-Man was an amazing movie and a great retelling of the Spider-Man story. It does not take away from the long-awaited first appearance made by Toby Maguire but it allows us to enjoy a different vision.
Since there was such a minimal timeframe between the original and remake, I thought I would take the approach of comparing the two to review what was better and what was worse than the original in a separate post. Here, I will give my overall review here to avoid any spoilers in the comparison. The Amazing Spider-Man is a great movie and especially in 3D at the IMAX. The action scenes are much more complex and the web-swinging looks incredible. The chemistry between all the characters is spot on. And the cast was well chosen- everyone excels at playing their part within the Spider-Man mythos. There were several changes in this movie from both comic book history and the original Spider-Man movie, but there were also somethings that brought Spider-Man's true story back from some liberties in the Raimi series. While there were some things done better in the original, this movie stands on its own and offers a great parallel vision so that both movies can still be enjoyed for what they are. I give it 4.5 stars.

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