Friday, March 25, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: LA is exactly what you expect from the previews. This is not an Oscar contender and really just the kick start to an awesome, mindless, action filled summer! I liked the movie. It starts off in the action, then builds up the story quickly, and then back to non stop action the rest of the 2 hours. The action was very intense and while character development was lacking you did get enough of a connection to care when some of the characters were slaughtered.
The one downside to this movie is found about 3/4's through the movie when Aaron Eckhart loses another "soldier" and decides its time to step up and give a typical American G.I. pep talk; lots of yelling, grunting, and "rally the troops" talk. The speech could have just been shorter and it probably would have been fine, but a 15 minute speech on saving the world and we have to do this and work together because I won't lose any more men, was just a little much.
Not the best acting, but thats also not why you go see this movie. You see it for the same reason you saw War of the Worlds, Aliens, and Starship Troopers- the action is just really cool. I recommend seeing it on the big screen to enjoy the full intensity- although maybe it would be best caught as a matinee. I give it 3 1/2 stars.

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