Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

This was a fantastic movie! It had so much going for it and it leads in perfectly to the Avengers!
When we first got to the theater we were surprised to see that the showing we had chosen was in 3D. Don't get me wrong, 3D in certain movies (Avatar, Green Lantern) is very cool but I am getting a little annoyed that every movie is being transferred to 3D to milk the public for more money. I felt that Captain America could be just as good in 2D and was needlessly transferred to 3D. And I stand by my original conviction that this movie is great in 2D. But this was the first 3D movie which made me jump! There was a part when the shield richotes and comes straight at the screen. I jumped like a little girl! It was great!
As the 4th part in the Avengers lead up series, this film far surpasses Thor and Iron Man 2. While it was not better than the first Iron Man, its up there with the new Marvel greats.
The film is bookended with short prologues and epilogues in the present, but the real meat of this movie is in the middle set during World War II. The CGI on young Steve Rogers was incredible. To see such a huge guy like Chris Evans be a little scrawny kid was impressive. Chris Evans was backed up by a great supporting cast. Tommy Lee Jones was very funny and played his role well. Dr. Erskin played by Stanley Tucci did an excellent job as tutor and victim. Sebastian Stan was decent as Bucky. As a movie goer you will enjoy his role. As a comic book fan you may feel a little cheated as Bucky Barnes becomes such a huge character in the Captain America universe. Hugo Weaving was an incredible Red Skull. The make up was a massive improvement over the 1991 Captain America movie. It was even cool to see Dum Dum Doogan played by Neal McDonough. Dominic Cooper was like a young Tony Stark and it was neat to see that arrogance was a family trait!
The end was very impressive bringing in Nick Fury to recruit the future leader of the Avengers. Make sure you stay after the credits!!! While there is no additional scene leading into the Avengers, there is about a 1:30 teaser trailer that showcases next summer's huge blockbuster!!
I have to say this is a close 2nd to X-Men First Class for best Comic Book movie this year! The action was plentiful and throughout the whole movie. The comedy was light and not too much. Definitely go see this movie and get pumped up for next summer!

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