Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Money ball is an interesting story about the general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) of the Oakland Athletics through their more troubled, post-Ricky Henderson years. He struggles as it becomes apparent his team has become the "farm team" for the rest of the league. With his team bleeding talent and a tight budget he co-designs a groundbreaking budget with new comer Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). The plan uses a numbers and points system to determine the probability of a players potential which differs from their actual worth in the MLB. This allows them to see hidden or untapped talent and buy it for cheap before others figure it out. With this limited budget they are able to put together a rag tag team that ends up catapulting them from obscurity to the division playoffs!
This true story is an interesting one even for only minor fans of sports. The movie is more than the typical sports movie because it focuses on the management of the team and not necessarily the team itself. Brad Pitt is excellent as usual and Jonah Hil is great as is sidekick. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is also fantastic as the arrogant coach who is one of the more tangible antogonists.
Some people do not enjoy sports movies because of the often corny, tearful endings when the team pulls out the incredible win. This movie is so much more than the game though. It focuses mostly on the management of a sports team and how to afford a successful one on a tight budget.
This movie is not necessarily a must see in theaters but it is a must see. While I wouldn't expect Oscar nods, it should definitely at least make some people consider it. While a little long at parts, it is overall a great and very insightful film into how Baseball is behind the scenes.

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