Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dream House

Just a day after Footloose, we went and saw Dream House so I could regain my man card! Dream House is a suspenseful thriller about Will Atenton (Daniel Craig), a man who moves his family into a new house. His neighbors all act very weird towards him and it becomes known that some gruesome murders took place with the family that lived their before. This is not your typical horror cliche of a haunted house that a family moves into and is haunted by the dead family. Not by any means. The story is much deeper and much more interesting. And for those who do not like horror movies, this is not one. There is a lot of suspense and maybe a jump or two. But this is by no means a scary movie.
It's hard to give this movie a strong synapsis without ruining the movie. If you saw the movie trailer for this film and it seemed to give away too much, it did. The original trailer for this film gave away a huge plot spoiler. I won't ruin it here, but if you saw the trailer and feel like you know how the whole thing ends, you do, sort of. I would still rent it, but it will not satisfy you the same way as if you hadn't seen the trailer. If you haven't seen the trailer...DON'T!!! Go into this movie with no knowledge of the story and no expectations. I think then you may like it. It is hard to say, because the trailer ruined part of the movie for me. I still enjoyed it but I think if I saw it with fresh eyes I would have enjoyed it a lot more.
Daniel Craig always gets extra points with me because I am a James Bond fanatic. This was a good movie though. Definitely not worth the $12 I spent or the $16 I spent on popcorn and drinks (don't get me started!!), but I would rent this movie when it comes out. Turn off the lights, pop some $1 bag of popcorn and enjoy free water or a $1 Coke, and enjoy a very interesting thriller!

Movie Poster from: http://0.tqn.com/d/horror/1/0/K/x/0/-/Dream-House-poster-2.jpg

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