Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arthur (2011)

This remake was sadly not as funny as its original. Even with Russell Brand's humorous timing and off the cuff comments, Dudley Moore's version was still better. There were some very funny parts, mostly extended scenes already seen in the trailer. Helen Mirren was fantastic in this version. After seeing her perform so well in many drama's and action movies, it was refreshing to see her comedic side. Russell Brand's real love interest in this movie, Greta Gerwig was unflattering and sometimes a little annoying. She played the quirky but fascinating love interest that Zooey Deschanel always played so well. Sadly she did not live up to Zooey's precedence.
Honestly the best part of this movie was one of the previews- a full trailer for The Hangover 2. I laughed harder during that preview than the entire almost 2 hour Arthur.
Even with the mildly humorous parts, I would only give this movie 2 stars. It was by far not the worst movie I've seen but if you miss this one, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Definitely a rental, at best.
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