Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Attack on Darfur

This was not a widely released movie so I am just getting to this Billy Zane, Edward Furlong movie about the genocide that was allowed to occur by the international community.
While it is not the greatest script, it is extremely emotional similar to Hotel Rwanda.  It shows not only the atrocities of the sickest humans and the cowardice of the international community but also the heroic actions of a few who at least tried to do the right thing.
It is fascinating how George Bush and Tony Blair could invade Iraq but not see the need to save these hundreds of thousands of people. Its strange that Barrack Obama would push for international military action in Libya but no one would make a strong case to stop the genocide in Darfur.
It is not only sickening to see the actions of perverted and soul less men, but also to witness the cowardice of those we call leaders.
Darfur received a lot of attention due to hollywood advocates and timely films, but once again a genocide occurred and the world failed to care until it was too late.
This movie was gut wrenching but worth the watch to ensure everyone understands the atrocities that occurred again under our watch.

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  1. Hey,this movie completely changed my view on the whole good v.s evil thing. honestly i dont even think i want to play as any evil factions in any of my games. this movie tackles an all too real subject and implies a deep emotional message to the viewers. it made me want to stand up for good. " the only thing neccisary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.Thank you!!!!