Monday, April 18, 2011

Scream 4

After 11 years Scream returns to the screen!! I have to say that even though the last 2 were pretty bad, Scream has remained a great franchise in my opinion. The first one set the bar for pretty much the next decade of horror films. It was a healthy mix of the violence you expect in a horror movie and the intensity of a solid thriller.
Scream 4 was by far the best one since the first. It had all the original elements and there was even the classic line "Don't f*** with the original!" I find it hard to classify this as a horror film because really there was very little to be scared of. There were a few intense moments that make it more of a thriller.
The best part of seeing this movie (other than the bottle of Malbec), was the twists and the revelation of who the killer was! It had us guessing the entire movie and then that person would get knifed and we would have to search for the next killer. Even my wife who is extraordinary at ruining whodunnit movies was stumped until the very end.
After reading the news and seeing its dismal box office performance do not be dismayed. This movie was great. There was 0 promotion for it though unlike the first 3. After 11 years, people tend to forget or lose interest in sequels and the lack of advertising did not help either. I remember seeing only 1 trailer on the internet, no trailers in theaters, and not one tv commercial.
While this movie left something to be desired in the horror, scary department, the intensity, writing, and plot twists in the movie have earned it a 3 1/2 stars with me. I also always enjoy when they make fun of the horror movie genre and themselves. Its not neccessary to see this in theaters, but it definitely is a must see for anyone that loved the first one!

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